Pokémon Team Planner


Are all Pokémon forms included?

Almost every Pokémon form is included in the planner. Some cosmetic and transient forms are hidden unless you select the "Misc. Forms" filter.

Forms of the following Pokémon are not in the planner: Pikachu, Genesect, Pumpkaboo, Gourgeist, Xerneas, Mimikyu, Cramorant, Sinistea, Polteageist, Zarude, Poltchageist, and Sinistcha.

What are "Misc. Forms"?

This (unofficial and arbitrary) category encompasses most cosmetic forms (e.g., patterns of Vivillon or trims of Furfrou), forms of Arceus and Silvally, and battle-only forms (e.g., Ash-Greninja or Original Color Magearna).

These forms are initially hidden, but can be selected by activating the corresponding filter. The reason to hide them in the first place is to avoid clutter.

Why are some gender differences not toggable?

Unlike other Pokémon with gender differences, Meowstic, Indeedee, and Basculegion have forms that are more than purely cosmetic changes. Such forms have different movepools, abilities, and/or stats. For this reason, they are treated as distinct Pokémon. Think of it as a similar case to that of Nidoran♀ and Nidoran♂.

How is the team analysis calculated?

Only type is used to calculate a Pokémon's weaknesses and resistanteces. Abilities (e.g., Levitate or Wonder Guard) are not factored in.

Similarly, coverage calculation only takes into account type and disregards movepool (so Pyukumuku will be marked as contributing to Water coverage, despite it being unable to learn any Water-type damaging moves).